Note that the Timeleap roadmap is dynamic and subject to constant change.

Q4 2021

With the end of Oct 2021, Phase 1 of Timeleap’s DeFi infrastructural features have been completed. We’ve achieved our initial goal of building an L1 farm that never stops farming even with a fixed max supply. All done through Buyback-and-Make, a never-before-seen innovation in the yield farming space.
Our next phase (and our roadmap ahead) is focused on Timeleap Industries - an action RPG metaverse that allows for social and competitive gaming, empowers gamers with assets that have real value, and provides a sustainable, play-to-earn experience.

November - December 2021

  • Conceptualization, tokenomics, architecture and gameplay mechanics planning
  • Timeleap Industries Whitepaper
  • Marketing website
  • Incubator and launchpad partnerships

Q1 2022

  • Industries AMM token ($INT) smart contract
  • Fundraising
  • Industries DEX
  • First set of dApps in the Vital Index
  • Consumable NFT minting development
  • Ongoing game storyboarding
  • Launch [W*** Token], a token that grants you access to the Vital Index (you’ll need TIME to get this token)

Q2 - Q3 2022

  • Next set of dApps in the Vital Index
  • NFT trading marketplace
  • Game identity interactions (NFT characters, inventory, land) development
  • Game GUI design & development
  • Game demo
  • Equipment and land NFT minting development
  • NFT key sales for lootboxes
  • Ongoing game storyboarding

Q4 2022

  • Exclusive land and equipment NFT sale
  • Completion of in-game economy infrastructure
  • Game closed beta launch


  • Game public launch
  • Land mortgage
  • Unsecured lending & credit
  • PVP & Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
  • Factions & faction wars
  • Ongoing game storyboarding, visual novel creation
  • NFT visual novel sale
  • Launch [Q***** Token], a token that represents the health of the overall in-game economy

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