Vaults help you grow your cryptocurrency tokens by means of auto-compounding interest.
Without Vaults, one would have to go through the manual process of:
  • Harvesting TIME rewards from Timeleaps and selling half of it to e.g. USDC
  • Using the remaining tokens to create more TIME-USDC LPs
  • Depositing these LPs into Timeleaps
If you're diligent enough do so on a daily basis (and willing to pay varying amounts of gas at every step), your rewards will be even larger than the previous day if all other conditions remain the same. This sort of growth would be exponential over a prolonged period of time!
But what if there's an automated way to do this? Our Vaults auto-compound for you every 3 hours and that means new TIME rewards are automatically used to create more LPs and re-staked.
The result? You earn more rewards!


  • 5% performance fees: Goes towards 4.5% TIME Buybacks and 0.5% compounding fee (gas)
  • ZERO Deposit and Withdrawal Fees