Timeleap Finance


Product Features

Timeleap Finance is centered around the concept of time, which make for good time-related sci-fi storytelling and really catchy puns.


We offer 2 different types of capsules:
  • Stake stables or large caps, and auto-compound them once per day
  • Simply stake TIME, which will then be automatically converted into LPs e.g. WMATIC-TIME, TIME-WETH, USDC-TIME and auto-compounded once per day. This is a convenience feature whereby liquidity providers only need to deposit TIME. Note: There is no TIME single stake as that does not benefit the protocol. If you are into TIME for the long run and want to make the most of your investment, and support the project: put it in a capsule.
Capsules are built on our Wormholes contract. Read about Wormholes to understand how they work.

💰 Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

When you stake tokens in Capsules, we're happy to say that we currently do not charge any deposit fees.
We do charge a simple 1% withdrawal fee for all of our capsules.
Always check the fees before depositing!
Fees are collected to promote the ecosystem and allow for continued development. In short, the fees enable the tokenomics to happen!
Fees from Capsules are distributed as follows:
  • 70% goes to further product development. See roadmap.
  • 30% for marketing and partnerships

Timeleaps (Retiring)

​Timeleaps are an older generation pool that no longer contains TIME rewards for harvesting.
Please use the "Withdraw All" button to withdraw your tokens from the pool.
Take note that you'll be withdrawing LP tokens and not TIME, please make sure to check your wallet for the tokens after your withdrawal. We recommend checking your wallet directly on the block explorer so as to view the tokens that you've withdrawn.
To remove liquidity, please proceed to the respective AMMs to do so (QuickSwap / JetSwap).