Automated TIME Machine (ATM)

Buyback-and-Make Circular Tokenomics

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Timeleap is a yield farm with a max supply and infinite farming, yet no additional layers.
Normally, a max supply would mean that token emissions and farming would end. What we've done to make farming continue even after all tokens are minted is to create an automated way to refill/top up the Masterchef (MC) contract - by buying back TIME from the market and depositing it in MC.
Farming emissions continue normally as if we never reached max supply to begin with!

Why is Buyback-and-Make better than Buyback-and-Burn?

Buyback-and-make is not destructive the way burning is. We do not waste tokens by burning. Instead, here's what happens:
  • 50% of all TIME bought back is resupplied to our MasterChef and paid out as farming rewards (farming never ends even after max supply is hit)
  • 50% of all TIME bought back is deposited into our Treasury, which is set aside for the future utility of our protocol