Below is where you'll find all our official Smart Contracts. Please always refer here for the latest official contract addresses!

Token Contract

This contract address is for the $TIME token. Import this address into your wallet to being sending and receiving $TIME.
At the time of writing, there is another token on Polygon chain named TIME. Please ensure that you have the correct contract address for our TIME token.
Always double check that you add the $TIME token to your wallet using this address only.

Chef Contracts

The MasterChef controls Capsules.
The VaultChef controls all auto-compounding vault contracts.
The WormChef controls all Wormhole strategy contracts.
The DimChef controls all Dimension Pool strategy contracts.

Other Contracts

Our Timelock helps protect you from sudden changes in the state of a contract.
Learn more about our Timelock Policy on how this can keep your funds SAFU.
Our TIME Treasury holds 50% of all TIME that is bought back by our ATM.
28-day TIME Treasury Timelock 0xb571bAF1D6916146F047505D4fc5d4d7595C061a
Our TIME Treasury Timelock has a delay of 28 days. It's also one of the longest Timelocks the DeFi space has ever witnessed.