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We select our audit partners based on this article that's written by RugDoc, so don't expect to see audit partners with ratings of 6.9 or lower here.
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Paladin (Farms)
RugDoc Rating: 9/10
Paladin (Vaults)
RugDoc Rating: 9/10
  • BaseStrategy.sol
  • BaseStrategyLP.sol
  • BaseStrategyLPSingle.sol
  • StrategyQuickSwap.sol
  • VaultChef.sol
  • StrategyVaultBuyBack


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We care a lot about making sure funds are SAFU - and you can see that from the number of updates made to our RugDoc review:
Withdrawals/deposits might fail when max supply is reached, unless masterchef owner calls finalMint()
We'd like to elaborate on this. The finalMint() function only allows for the owner of the MasterChef (Timelock) to mint the remaining unminted TIME => MasterChef contract, all while skipping emissions to the devAddress.
Remember, MasterChef distributes rewards from its ERC-20 token balance, this means that adding more TIME into its ERC-20 balance would result in more TIME being added to the TIME balance for rewards (which is then processed by SafeTransfer()).
FYI, this is the mechanism that we are using for our Automated TIME machine, thereby ensuring that there will be a constant supply of TIME for yield farming even while we reach max supply.